Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bulgaria ~ Day 6

Waking up in the morning was pretty atrocious, especially when we'd arranged to meet Ioanna and her friend Pepi for breakfast at 9am with our luggage in tow. The girls took it in turns to drag my suitcase around, which was really sweet of them as they thought it would make me hobble faster. Ting went to the post office to mail her postcard, and there we were told about the opening of a casino that was taking place at the Sea Gardens, so that's where we headed to next.

Many young adults had dressed up in classic Western costumes, handing out flyers to passersby whilst a band played in the background. Easels were placed periodically around the main path for people to draw on. I'm not sure what else was to happen as we didn't stick around for too long - we were far too hungry for that.

I thought we were going to get food nearby but apparently, nearby means far up north; the place we went to last night, which was definitely a trek and a half. The logic of the youth is so mind-boggling sometimes. Turns out the place they wanted to take us to was closed, so we had to make do with a cafe/restaurant/pub setting. But it was so nice to eat my crepe and drink my hot chocolate on the beach. Lunch swiftly followed - a salad of veg and a salad of mussels - all of which is money that I now owe Ting, being in the red and all. After taking yet more photos, we went to pick up supplies at a supermarket and then waved our final farewells before hopping into a taxi to the airport. I was genuinely sad to see the girls go - they totally reminded me of youthful times, back before Cambridge leached the life out of me...

At the airport, I didn't need to wear my rug, as everything actually fitted into my suitcase, but at security, sadly my rose-petal jam got confiscated. Sigh. On the plane, Ting tried to add patterns to my nails (jokes), but we got told by a flight attendant to stop it as the liquid was flammable - totally a rubbish reason as, guess what, the perfumes they sell are flammable! And so are the alcohols that they sell! In order to make myself look intelligent again, I brought out the dying Kindle and read as much of Catching Fire (the second and still addictive Hunger Games) as I could, whilst rationing out the one lone orange that I had left. One slice each every twenty minutes got us through the thirsty crisp-eating ride, and when we landed, this time I was one of the audience who clapped in thanks for still being alive.

We arrived back in England at 3:30pm - plenty of time to run around looking for phone chargers. I was adamant that the sockets in between the bubble gum machines worked, but in the end, Ting wedged herself in between two arcade machines in order to charge her phone. How ridiculous we must have looked on CCTV. After Ting left for her coach, I tried to get the person at the currency exchange desk to charge my Kindle but apparently they're not allowed to do things like that. Seriously?

My coach journey was a pretty lonely affair - I managed to finish reading Catching Fire though, and the hour spent in Milton Keynes trying to drag out my chili beef sandwich was agony as I totally regretted not putting the third book on the Kindle, not that I'd have been able to read much of it anyway.

My coach got delayed by twenty minutes, something that we weren't told about on the notice boards which stressed me out, yet managed to get a group of us speaking to each other. Lol. One of the guys - Matt - was a bit of a cocky joker, and after the woman next to me got off in Wakefield, he slid into the empty seat before I could even blink and then proceeded to show me a Virgin advert on his laptop that he was in eight years ago. Fifteen seconds of fame, huh. Apparently he's also in a band that made it to LA, but as he never actually told me the name of that band, I'm somewhat more skeptical. I am always amazed by the people I meet whilst I am confined to a single mode of transport.

Anyway, not really much else to say now - mummy and daddy were waiting for me at the station and took me home to a nice bowl of soup. I guess I'll close off the Bulgaria posts with some more focused entries on the foods I experienced there, and perhaps post some of the lesser embarassing photos that I took, hehe.

Until then, adios!

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