Thursday, June 9, 2011

To Do List

Things to do once exams are over in fifteen hours:

  • Get lashed - champagne reception
  • Ceremonial burning of notes to symbolise the end of Part II Tripos
  • Say thank you to supervisors for putting up with my various incompetencies over the year
  • Retail therapy to ease the trauma of the last few months
  • Make my memory scrapbook - remind Harald that drawing penises everywhere in it is not acceptable
  • Draw lots of nice pictures
  • Pen some nice escapist stories
  • Write that song that is hastily scribbled at the back of my Foundations of Organic Synthesis notebook
  • Set up a proof-reading website
  • Go punting
  • Look for the alpacas near the Cavendish
  • Learn how to program like a boss
  • Learn how to diabolo like a G6
  • Learn how to play croquet like a...
  • Play and win at lots of Jungle Speed
  • Soul Calibur II
  • Get good at pool - ANGLES
  • Go paintballing/theme park
  • Cook lots - dumplings, dim sum, sushi, you name it...
  • Play poker
  • Hit Cindies and that new club at least once this semester
  • Youtube drinking game
  • Karaoke nights :D
  • Go swimming until I am at a socially acceptable level of not being able to drown
  • Gym every day:
- Erg time of 2 min 10 split
- Squat the weight of a small anorexic child
- Deadlift the weight of a small anorexic adult
- Bench more than the bar
  • Watch Snog, Marry, Avoid and all those other mind-numbing shows like Paris Hilton's BFF until my brain turns to mush
  • Watch the shockingly bad horror movie Tamara
  • Read some young adult novels about Important Topics in life like romance in an American high school setting
  • Reminisce about the heady Part II days when all I had to worry about was the benzaldehyde that ended up in my mouth, and other such trivial things
 Should probably do some last minute cramming. Gotta make the last one count.