Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bulgaria ~ Day 2

Where it's just me and you...

Today didn't really turn out the way we had planned it to, on account of the fact that Ting's alarm didn't go off and that I was far too drunk to have a shower last night, choosing instead to try and upload as many photos as possible onto Bookface. I really feel sorry for the me of yesternight, the poor deluded soul. Once I'd sobered up enough to realise the error of my ways, it was time to rock on the second challenge of the night - ignoring the double whammy of snoring long enough in order to trick myself to fall asleep.  At one point, two guys stumbled in, drunk out of their minds and passed out on ther bunks. Lol.

At half eight, my alarm went off, rudely reminding me that I needed to look for the padlock that I had so foolishly lost last night in my drunken haze. Unfortunately, Ting chose that moment to tell me that we needed to leave in fifteen minutes. How did I cope? By running away to the bathroom. How did Ting cope? By getting ready to leave. I quickly realised that there was no way I could shower in time, so packed and legged it. Turns out we missed our projected departure time, so we decided to eat breakfast slowly and just wing it.

A taxi took us to the station, and after a lot of running around, we realised we would never have made the coach departure time. This completely screwed up our plans and set us back by a whole day as the next coach to leave Sofia for Koprivshtitsa was at two!

So in order to kill time, we did what we do best and chilled in a cafe. I finished The Hunger Games, majorly freaked out by the monsters at the end, whilst Ting did something more productive and read her papers. After a while, we decided to go hunt for lunch, and ended up eating pizza on the streets - I was like: "Shall we stay here to eat?" to which Ting replied: "You're standing in front of two industrial size wheelie bins." Oh. For dessert, we upgraded and ate our yoghurts - a national speciality - in a Subway style cafe before wandering around a market to kill the last bit of time. Ting bought a bag, and then we trammed it back to the station.

The coach journey consisted of us eating oranges, talking about addictions and me falling asleep. Apparently there's yet another video of the latter but Ting assures me she won't be uploading it because she is not a 'lame ass'. Yay.

Once we arrived, we tried to sort out travel to the next location and accomodation for the night - we're staying at a lovely guest house with an awesome stove heater. I promptly had what turned out to be a freezing shower and then we wandered around the village. Not gonna lie, it was like a ghost town. We eventually plucked up the courage to go into one of the larger restaurants where we were the only ones dining - this turned out to be the best culinary experience I have had so far on this trip! Only photos can convey the sheer awesomeness of our three course meal! In fact, we were so full that we lurched our way home.

Since then, I've been slowly writing this entry out - completely on Kindle, so please forgive any errors!

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