Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 5: Of sandy beaches and azure blue skies

Essaouira is a wonderful coastal town with a sparkling blue ocean, a climate more akin to a British summer, and a beautiful stretch of sandy beach. Its probably my most loved place by far out of everywhere that we have visited so far!

The day started off with us being awoken by the guys who, as usual, had no concept of an indoor voice and so we overheard all of their crazy plans about going for a morning run and swim. We forgave them since they brought back breakfast in the form of crossiants, and after chilling out on the roof we hauled our asses into gear and hit the town.

Our first stop was the fish market at the port, which of course held a delightful fragrance for both humans and seagulls alike. I was pretty astounded by some of the fish I saw - some were so big, and some so long! Nothing like what comes out of the packet...

We climbed up onto the wall that framed the port and walked along that too, before deciding it was time to put our bargaining to the test, acquire some beach bats and head to the beach.

There, it was windy but so so lovely, I reckon this is the happiest I've been since we arrived. The guys played with the beach bats and then football with the locals whilst the girls lazed around sunbathing. However, we weren't going to get away without an incident and today's took the form of a creepy man who kept on hanging around us...

It was disconcerting as he was clearly after something...our European and Asian organs?, and wasn't even discreet about staring at us. One of the girls got really mad but before anything escalated, we decided to leave and grab some food.

Turns out there are supermarkets here in Morocco but you gotta look long and hard to find them. Armed with bread and sardines, we ate on our balcony before going around the town to look for souvenirs. The guys were dead set on a chess set, I wanted a wooden camel for the brother but since I had no money and Oliver stopping me from making any purchases, realistically it wasn't going to happen.

Afterwards, we went to the town walls, climbed up onto them and watched the sun set over the Atlantic ocean...such a beautiful sight to behold - every bit the postcard picture.
For dinner, we found a restaurant with a balcony that was slightly over priced but still tasty, and continuing with the fish theme, I had fish tajine, by accident as I thought I'd ordered chicken haha.

On the way back, Oli bought some candles, and we went up to the roof with our blankets to chill out, inadvertently staying up until 3am to wait for the candles to burn out. It was pretty surreal, one of those experiences that feels more like a drunken one than anything else. I mean, we even named the candles...One for each of the fallen comrades: Laurence, Nic and Leena. Around 2am, a cockerel started crowing, adding to the madness, and I can tell you that it was most definitely still going at 3am...

All in all, a mostly hassle free day!

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