Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 3: KO'd

That's right, today was a complete write off for me as I ended up KO'd by food poisoning. And here I was hoping to not be the first to get ill too...

I knew something was up when I first woke up, it was made more suspicious when the sight of breakfast made me feel queasy, and finally confirmed when I threw up the glass of orange juice I'd literally just downed. The next few hours were pretty hellish, with my body temperature going crazy - I was freezing in a forty degree climate...what? - and me vomming periodically. Upon the advice of Katy, our fourth year medic and my brother, a third year medic, I broke into my stash of antibiotics and lay down in my room for the rest of the day whilst the others went out and about, visiting the local museum and running around like crazy after the next disaster was announced..

This being a message from Leena saying that Oli had missed his flight by turning up only with an hour to go - uhhh...seriosuly? This threw everyone off, and an emergency meeting was called up on the roof sans moi to decide what to do.

The girls won out and looks like we'll be leaving at six in the morning on an eight hour train for Marrakech, to arrive there at three in the afternoon. We'll be staying at Essaouira for three nights now, instead of two, and hopefully, Oli and Leena will be on a flight to Marrakech tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan, and fingers crossed I'll be able to survive the journey...

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