Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 4: Of twelve hour journeys and hostage situations Just wow. It started off with us waking up at half five, me by myself since I was being quarantined on account of the poisoning despite it being non contagious...thanks guys... Anyway, by 6am we had left the hostel and were flagging down taxis at the fountain to take us to the station in order to catch our train to Marrakech at 6.50am.

The journey was seven hours long, so I started and finished glitch, a young adult novel that I highly recommend, the first thing I've come across since the hunger games that I've really liked. Also managed a chapter of the selfish gene, another book I recommend if you can get past dawkins' inflated ego!

Somewhere along the line, I realised my bank card had gone for a walkabout so I ended up spending fifteen minutes racking up a massive bill as I was transferred from department to department, casually trying to cancel my card. Got well annoyed when I tried to find out if my card had been used in the last day and I got denied access to my account because I failed to answer one security question since I could not understand a word of what the woman was saying on the other end.

Eventually, we arrived and met Oli, then took a 3 hour long bus to the coastal town, essouira. Fun.

Once we arrived, we headed to the place we'd pre booked and there we ran into issues. It began with the sewer stench outside the hostel, a smell that lingered inside the building - we knew then that we could not stay here. The lack of air conditioning i.e false advertising to us was just an excuse to get us out of our booking, but as expected it got ugly and very soon we were exchanging threats and the hostel owner was barring the exit, refusing to
us leave. Both sides even threatened to get the police involved but we thought that the hostel owner was calling up his mates to get them involved, which prompted us to call the British embassy...

And then the man relented, and we all legged it.

Shaken, we headed to the beach to regroup. All of us girls were pretty upset, especially me since it was my card details and address that they had. Luckily, my card had been cancelled earlier today so hopefully my account is safe. But now I'm very very paranoid about what they're gonna do with my address and this is something that no one could help me deal with... :/

We quickly found somewhere else to stay, an apartment with a rooftop terrace for a fraction of the price of the original hotel so after we checked in, we went out for dinner, something relaxing to end what was supposed to be a relaxing day...


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